District Grants

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Local Community

  • Are for smaller local community projects.
  • That are new to the Club
  • The project should have arisen from an idea of a member
  • Require active Rotarian participation.
  • Minimum grant $1000.
  • Limited to $2,500 matching club $1.00 for $1.00.
  • Payment to club on completion and the provision of a report in a satisfactory form.
  • Report (final or interim) to be submitted by April 30th of current Rotary year.


  • Are for International projects that do not qualify for a global grant.
  • Require an international partner that can be a Rotary District, a Rotary Club or a third party. Preference to Rotary partners.
  • Grant limited up to $5,000 matching clubs 50 cents in the club dollar.
  • I.e. Total project cost, say, $15,000, Club contribution $10,000, District Designated Funds @ 50% is $5,000
  • Club accountable for funds management in line with Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Up to 50% may be paid in advance.
  • Report (final or interim) to be submitted by April 30th of current Rotary year.

Examples of District Grants

District Local Community Grants

  • Garden for McAuley House in Melbourne installed by Rotarians.
  • Business partnership mentoring project for asylum seekers.
  • School kitchen garden project planting fruit trees in Auburn.
  • Refurbishing functional hearing aids for the needy.
  • Silk/Miller scholarship for adolescent health.
  • Refitting a community bus to help and feed the homeless.
  • Community carols in the park.

District International Grants

  • Books for kindergartens in East Timor.
  • Water project in the Philippines.
  • School support in Laos.
  • Dam construction in Cambodia.
  • Refurbishment of a community kitchen in Timor Leste.
  • Provision of furniture and teacher needs to a school in Cambodia.
  • Redrilling of a well to provide clean water in East Timor.
  • Health and oral hygiene in Ethiopia.
  • School supplies and renovations in Tonga.
  • Provision of medical services in Cambodia.