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Terms and Conditions for District and Global Foundation Grants (*New September 2017)

TRF District9800 GrantGuidelines

Latest News

There are two new District Foundation Grants available from November 1st 2017

District Foundation Scholarship Grant

  • Ten scholarships are available with Foundation providing $1000 to be matched by a Club contribution of $1000
  • Scholarships are open to students entering Year 11 in 2018 and are to cover both Year 11 and 12 expenses
  • Scholarships are for "disadvantaged" students as decided by the School involved
  • Application forms and Guidelines may be downloaded by clicking here

District International Scoping Project Grant

From July 2018 all Global Grant Applications must include a Community Assessment (see below for link)
To assist in this process the District Foundation Committee has introduced a new Grant with a 1:1 payment (up to $5,000) for any project that is designed to assess  an international community as a prelude to a Global Grant.

Download Application here  

District Grants 

NOTE There are separate Application forms for local and international grants

For a District Local Community Grant Application you will need documents 3,6 & 7
For a District Local International Grant Application you will need documents 4,5,6 & 7
NOTE: The Word documents marked with an ** will be downloaded and not opened (check downloads folder)

  1.  A Guide to District Grants 2017-18
  2.  D9800 Foundation Grant Notes 2017-18       
  3.  District Local Community Grant Application **
  4.   District International Grant Application  **

Global Grants

Global Grant Scoping document (updated Oct 2017)**

How to use the Grants Centre

Please note:  The Global Grant scoping document MUST be completed and submitted to the District Foundation Grants Committee BEFORE starting the online application

DECEMBER 2016           TRF has introduced new Guideline regarding construction of low cost shelters as part of Grant
OCTOBER 2017               From July 1st 2018 all Global Grant Applications must submit the results or a Community                                                 Assessment with the Global Grant application