Group Vocational Exchange (GVE)



From mid-February to mid-March 2017, District 9800 will be conducting a four-week GVE with District 3280 in the Philippines.
The GVE team will be comprised of an experienced Rotarian team leader and four suitably qualified team members aged between 25 and 35 years to be sourced and put forward by D9800 Clubs for final selection by District interview on September 18 2016. Details of how to apply are noted below. The team leader will be selected by separate process and is not part of this call for applicants.

The primary aim of the exchange is to expose each team member to four days in each of the four weeks away to vocational experiences relevant to their profession. At the same time, there will be deep cultural immersion in many aspects of the host country.
The theme of the exchange will be aligned with any of the RI Foundation areas of focus, namely:
*Peace and conflict resolution         *Maternal and Child Health                                    *Water and Sanitation
*Basic Education and Literacy          *Economic and Community Development         *Disease Prevention and Treatment.
In short, any person in the broad fields of medicine, or education, or engineering, or emergency services, or social services can be “suitably qualified” to be put forward for final selection.

In turn, in the same February/March period 2017, D9800 will be hosting a similarly composed team from the Philippines (team leader and four team members) for complementary vocational and cultural experiences. The District Vocational Committee is arranging the vocational experiences, leaving the host Clubs to participate in and enjoy the cultural aspect.

Clearly that indicates that we need registration of willingness from four clubs (or Clusters) from around the District to provide families to home-host the visiting team members for one week each over the four weeks duration of the exchange.

Given that it may be that we have more Clubs interested than the four required, District must have the discretion to select those Clubs that amongst other things, geographically suit the vocational locations (not as yet determined) to maximise convenience and minimise travel time for both Club and student.

The team member application form can be downloaded here.        A copy of this information may be downloaded here

The closing date for receipt by District of the completed form, scanned and emailed, is Monday 12 September.

Further details- contact District GVE Chair Henry Drury by email